Award-winning internationally famed designer, Christopher Guy arrives at The Belmonte.


Christopher Guy Harrison, an award-winning internationally renowned British designer, is the founder and CEO of luxury furnishings brand, Christopher Guy.

Christopher acquired a significant plot of land in Central Java, Indonesia, and began designing and building his workshops which opened in 1999. Today his workshops in Central Java cover more than one million square feet (10 Hectares) and are nestled harmoniously amongst the lush Javanese landscape.

Everything he admires transcends into his designs. His furnishings fuse timeless beauty with elegance, creating a lifestyle which appeals to a discerning audience across the globe. Its stylish appeal has led to cameo roles in many iconic movie productions, whether as statement pieces in grand hotels or Hollywood film sets. Christopher Guy’s timeless and elegant designs are widely acclaimed as the world’s most fabulous decorative furnishings.

The elegance which is central to the brand adorns The Belmonte Privé.

In the picture: Christopher Guy’s patented Chris-X chairs. The design was inspired by waistline of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind.

Christopher Guy’s first creations were brought to life when he set out to create the world’s most unique mirror frame collection.

Created with a sense of space and design, Christopher Guy’s furnishings surely add an exclusivity which is simply second-to-none.

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